The Classic Woman Archetype

You are absolutely phenomenal just the way you are. You have life and the Universe twisted around your well-manicured finger. You regularly have self-care days, which you consider to be your weekly and monthly maintenance dates. You spend your time wisely, creating goals and checking them off one by one. Your love for others is unconditional, but please don't be fooled, we all know you will cut off anyone who threatens to disturb the peace and love you have created for yourself and your home. You also love a good glass of wine and have considered a career in the arts or as a sommelier in a past life. There is no such thing as "when life gets you down" for you, you have made the conscious decision to see all obstacles as opportunities as enjoy them as they come.

Because of your keen sense of quality and indulgence in the finner things, The Ignite Collection that bests suits your Boudoir Archetype is The Classic Woman Archetype.


The Classic Woman Archetype at $17,500.

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