3 Ways to Create Space for You & Your Self Care

The other day while having my morning cup of coffee and working out with my kids’ favorite YouTubers playing in the background, it came to me how much I had put them first. Becoming a mother is life-changing, in many ways I did not expect. Creating so much time and space for them literally left me chasing it for my own self.

I no longer went on runs, worked out, did my makeup, nor wore cute clothes just because they made feel good. I had given up almost every aspect of me for the sake of my kids. It wasn’t until recently that I looked over my goals, my values, and the person I wanted to become.




Analyzing who I was becoming played a major role in this shift. I wanted to be the best mother I could be. I knew that wouldn’t be possible if I didn’t find joy in who I was. You typically could find me wearing the most comfortable outfit (even if it had bleach stains and maybe even holes), or thinking I was ok cleaning the house while they were sleeping. I wanted to create time and space for me.

Here are a few tips on how to Create a Self Care Routine for You

  1. Map out the things you want to do, not for anyone else, but for you!
    • Make a meal only you love and endulge yourself
    • Take a bubble bath while the kids are sleeping or at school
    • Get out of the house and actually go and get your nails done
  2. Take you PTO or a day off if your an entrepreneur and rest
    • You’ve earned it
    • Rest is not a reward, it is necessary (who can pour from an empty cup?)
    • The household chores can wait
  3. Make a weekly and monthly routine of it.
    • “This is my time that I get just for me.” Repeast this to yourself as much as you may need.

Now that you’ve created the time and space for your own self care here are a few ways you can enjoy your time.

  • Wear clothes that make you feel like a million bucks
  • What is something you absolutely loved to do prior to marriage or having kids, whatever it may be, do it!
    • Running
    • Getting a mani and pedi
    • Reading in silence
    • Visiting coffee shops
    • Looking through furniture stores
  • Do something creative
    • Craft something you’ve been wating to make for your own enjoyment (wreaths)
    • Dance
    • Plan a huge Self Care trip for your birthday
    • Make yourself a body butter and play with fragrences

Here, I talk about how I have created space to pour into my own cup. I truly hope these lists help you find a way to create space for you. I’d love to know what things you enjoy doing in the time you make for yourself.

Woman laying on gray sheets looking into camera with Left hand above head, Right hand near face, both holding onto sheets.

5 Things To Wear for Your Boudoir Shoot | West Chester, OH

Women dream of being celebrated. We thrive off of adoration and appreciation, and your boudoir experience should be just that. Now, can you imagine walking into your boudoir photo session and you have nothing to wear. You may have forgotten jewelry, heels, or even the cute lingerie set you purchased. Here are 5 things you can easily find in a pinch on your way to your boudoir photo shoot!

  1. White button up T-shirt
  2. Black Bra & Thong Set
  3. Ribbed T-shirt
  4. Drop Earrings
  5. Black Pantyhose

You can find the above 5 items can be easily found at almost any Target. Almost any body type and sense of style can werk the above items. Depending on what can be found in your photographer’s client wardrobe, you can make these items stretch every further! Many will have an array of items, just for you!

Take a peek at some of the wardrobe items we have in stock here at Toria Germain Photography.

If you’re in the mood for shopping, because really who isn’t, check out a few items I have hand-selected here.

Nudes No Matter Your Shade | West Chester, OH Boudoir

One of the hardest things about finding lingerie, especially for formal attire, is finding something that matches your skin tone for a true nude shade. Thankfully, many companies have been including more nude shades and varieties to meet your needs. Below are a few companies I absolutely love because of their vast varieties in shade!

  1. Love,Vera
  2. Cuup
  3. Nubian Skin
  4. Third Love
  5. Lively
  6. Nudz
  7. Etsy 
  8. Underoutfit
  9. Kahmune

Do you love a company who offers nude shades in many different colors? If so, I’d loved to know. You can comment below or email me at contact@toriagermainphotography.com

See ya!

The 5 Mistakes You Make When They Purchase Lingerie | West Chester, OH Boudoir

  1. Purchasing ill-fitting bras.
  2. Never trying on their outfits before the session.
    • Would you go to the red carpet without trying on several gowns before the big day? I surely hope not. And as good as the model who wore the pieces you purchased made them look, the truth of the matter is we all look different in different attire. It is imperative for you to try on every single piece separately or paired together with other desired pieces.
  3. Having words & labels on their garments.
    • Unless your a model for a major company, words shouldn’t be the main part of your attire — because you are! Words can be distracting from your essence, so I typically suggest against having wordy boldly shown on your lingerie.
  4. Not playing with different colors or styles.
    • When was the last time you tried on a different style or color when it comes to lingerie? a cboudoir session is the perfect time to try something new! Do you love neon orange, but have never worn it as lingerie? Now’s the time to see if you feel daring enough to just try it on!
  5. Purchasing what’s available.
    • Let’s be honest, we all love to touch and see what’s available. And 9 times out of 10, we purchase what’s there rather than the item we saw online and went to the store to get, but our size just wasn’t available.Don’t settle! If you loved it in person, even if it wasn’t your size, order it online and have it shipped to your front door. You’ll thank me later! 😉

3 Reasons You Hate Lingerie | West Chester, Ohio Boudoir

1. You Don’t Know Your Size.
Let’s be honest, wearing a bra is one of the most uncomfortable parts of being a woman. Yes, brassieres make most outfits in this day and age look “better”; however, wearing an ill-fitted bra is uncomfortable and unflattering.
– get a soft measuring tape, watch this video: How to Measure Your Bra Size, and get the correct size for you.

2. Your Body Has Transformed
After the COVID lockdowns and even having children, things start to look and feel a little different, if you know what I mean. No matter what you think you look like, get in front of a mirror & have a good look! What shape is your body currently? Have you transformed from an hourglass to an inverted triangle? Be honest with yourself! Knowing what has changed about your body that you absolutely love, and the things you would like to change will help you when deciding what types of lingerie works best for you. Believe me, you’ll thank me later.

3. All of the lingerie you own is uncomfortable
Either it’s an ill-fitting piece, itchy and cheap materials, or simply a lifestyle change, you will have to look at why you haven’t enjoyed wearing lingerie. Take a look at your lifestyle. Are you doing tasks that could lead to your lingerie getting stains on it? Do you now have to Do a lot of squatting and bending over? Are you in need of something that allows easy access? Take a close look at what you would prefer when it comes to lingerie. You’ll be very surprised!


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