FAQ: How do you incorporate self-care into your daily life?

I make sure that I fill my cup throughout the day by doing things I love. I typically start my day with journaling, fasted cardio, making myself and the kids breakfast, and doing my makeup.

If I’m in a mood, I twerk! There really is something to be said about dancing, twerking in general. It has been my go-to when I need to get my sacral energy into alignmnet.

I find creative and artistic release to be essential to my own mental and spiritual health, so I make sure I am creative throughout the day. I sing and makeup catchy songs that get my children excited. I make delcious meals to nourish us. I get excited about crafts and decorating the home.

Purging my home of things that no longer bring me joy, actually does bring me joy. Cleaning and releasing is essential for my happiness, especially since being a stay at home mom and entrepreneur.

It has taken some time for me to realize how necessary self care is for my own health, mentally, physically, spiritually. I pour into myself all day long, and this allows me to fully and consistently give from my overflow to those I love.

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    Why Me? Why Now? Why Boudoir?

    I have been thinking a lot about my way and my approach to boudoir. As time has passed by, I have to come to the realization that I began boudoir when I needed a to feel like myself again.

    I begun my professional photography business in 2018, a month short of my son’s first birthday, as a means to do something just for me. About 4 months after starting my business, I ran a model call and completed my first boudoir photo session. I fell head over heels! One of the women I worked with was newly postpartum and had body insecuries due to new stretch marks and a few other things that only come with childbearing.

    While working with her, I assured her that she was fine, even as a new model, a new mom, with a photographer that was new to boudoir, she was indeed in good hands. I watched her transform from allowing her insecuries take over to a woman in power, rocking her new body and enjoying who she was in that very moment.

    So, who am I and why me? I’m Toria Germain, a wife, a mother, a woman who has lost herself in all things, while trying to be everything for everyone that I no longer could be me for me. I strongly believe in pouring into your own cup and giving only from your overflow. I also believe that women should shed whatever social norms they are handed that they don’t see themselves wanting to fit into, regardless of their roles or responsiblities.

    I am a wife who shamelessly loves her husband. I am a mother who makes waffles for dinner while twerking. I am a friend who will tell you the truth. And, I am a woman who believes in the power of giving women the time and space to be exactly who they want to be, no strings attached.

    I invite you to your personalized IGNITE boudoir session, where you will undergo a transformative experience to self discovery and self love. Book your session today.

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      Payment Plans & Prepayment Plan Bonuses | West Chester, Ohio

      Making your boudoir dreams come true!

      Check out our last blog Luxury Printed Products!

      Now that you have an idea of how you’d like to display your images, let’s talk about the different ways you can make your dreams come true. I make sure each client not only has an amazing experience, but get all of the images they swoon over.

      Payment Plans

      Many clients choose to have a pre-payment plan so they are able to relax, get pampered, and strut their stuff without having to worry about making a huge financial obligation the day of their shoot. You can take a look of the in-house payment plans that are available.

      Paypal Credit: This is a simple and easy way to get your pictures and products, such as albums, prints, and wall art sooner. They allow you to pay off your balance up to 6 months with 0% interest! If this is something that sounds like your kind of deal, please apply for it early, as approval may take some time.

      In-House Pre-Payment Plan: We have an in-house pre-payment plan that comes with some amazing bonuses! Payments can be broken down up to 12 months, with the final payment being made no less than 30 days prior to your session. Payments must be made monthly, but can be paid as frequently as once a week!

      If you choose to pre-purchase one of our 3 Collections, we will include your choice of the following in your boudoir experience for no additional cost. To pre-purchase you may choose to pay in full or take advantage of one of our pre-session payment plans. Pre-purchases must be completed no less than 30 days days prior to your session to be eligible for the Bonuses.

      Some of the available bonuses are Custom Mobile App, 24K Gold Session, Retro Viewfinder, Acrylic Album Cover, The Shower Set, and more!

      To ensure that your dreams, wishes, and desires are met for your session, it is essential that you sign up for your pre-payment plan early. This gives my team and I time to prep and order any extras for sets that you may like to include in your bonus package!

      If you’d like to book and set up a pre-payment plan today, let’s chat! Already booked and ready to set up your pre-payment plan? Let’s schedule your bonus prepartions now!

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        Luxury Printed Products | West Chester OH Boudoir

        The rush of emotions that come over you as you sit in the makeup chair, or the excitement you get from rocking a lingeie piece and feeling absolutely amazing. These emotions can not be explained, only felt. The confidence that many women get after doing a boudoir shoot can be life changing. You deserve to hold that feeling of bad-ass meets soft and romantic for a lifetime.

        By putting your images on the walls of your home, be it in your bedroom, walk-in closet, or bathroom, you are able to harness those emotions daily. Believe me, I get it, you won’t feel beautiful every day, but you’ll have a suttle reminder of just how gorgeous you are.

        The day of your session, you will be able to select the imaes you absolutely love and how you want to display them.

        Album Folio Sets and Custom Albums

        These premium album folio sets are crafted with fine luxury materials and the option for an acrylic cover and matchimg folio box with a smaller, keepsake album. This is a beautiful way to showcase your self love story on fine velvet paper.

        Your choice of gold or silver gilding.

        The Glass Folio Box

        This luxurious folio box is stunning, made of glass and brass filled with your beautiful 5×7 images. These boxes hold up to 10 of your images.

        Wall Art and Digital Images

        The best part of having an Ignite Session is being able to see your gorgeous pictures on your wall! We offer a variety of large framed and floating metal prints, just to spruce up the intimate spaces of your home.

        Want to share the fun? You are able to upgrade and get matching digital files with the purchase of any of out collections!

        Floating Fram Metal Wall Art Print
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          F the Funk by Feeling Fabulous

          Not everyday will be glamorous, filled with joy, or easy. Some days are gloomy, trying, and downright hard. Regardless of how many aspects of life you can find gratitude for, some days it’s more difficult than others. These are the days I “Fight the Funk”.

          Here are a few tips to increase your mood and get back to “you”!

          1. Put on some uplifting music
            There is nothing like music. It has been used as a fork of therapy for decades, but so many people forget how spiritually stimulating a good tune and funky beat can be.
          2. Throw yourself a fashion show
            Put on clothes you haven’t tried in a while. Go in your closet and in your drawers and try on different combinations that have seemed intimidating. Have fun with it!
          3. Create
            Get crafty and create something, anything. If nothing comes to mind, or you just don’t think it’ll help, create a vision board. Visually creating what you want in life and your future is uplifting all within itself.
          4. Photoshoot
            Get dolled up, play your favorite jams, and take some selfies, do an Ignite Virtual Session, or set up an in-person photo shoot!
          5. Journal
            Writing down your mood and how your day has unraveled is a form of release. Feel the emotions and let the go!

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          • ChristinaAugust 14, 2020 - 9:06 pm

            I love this list! Great inspiration for those dark days… and the images are just gorgeous!!ReplyCancel


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